National Association of Gospel Radio Inaugural Event and Installation of President, Board of Directors & Officers

The National Association of Gospel Radio (NAGR) is an important trade association for professionals working in the gospel inspirational format. On January 26th, the NAGR welcomed a new board of directors and president, led by Pastor Charles Edward Johnson of “Alpha Media.” This group of talented individuals is committed to furthering the association’s mission of empowering gospel radio stations to preserve, protect, and advance the format.

The new board of directors includes Mr. Kyle Glover with “Reach Gospel Radio” serving as the 1st President, and Bishop Fred Harris with “Salem Media Group” serving as the 2nd Vice President. Other members include Mr. Chris Squire with “iHeart Media,” Dr. Sctonda Kelly Gordan with “Eternity Media Group,” Mr. Ron Thompson with “Radio One,” Pastor Ju Joyner with “Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting,” and Mr. Ron Briggs with “Yes Lord Radio,” who serves as the Administrator Ex-Officio Member.

The NAGR represents stations that reach over a million listeners and serves as a trusted ally and resource hub for those in the industry. The association is dedicated to helping stations expand their listening base, increase advertising revenue, and support music artists within the format. With such a talented and dedicated board of directors, the NAGR is well-equipped to accomplish its goals and continue to serve as the preferred trade association for radio professionals working in the gospel inspirational format.

The NAGR plays a vital role in the gospel radio industry, as it provides a platform for stations to network, exchange ideas, and stay informed on the latest industry developments. By advocating for the interests of its members and providing resources and support, the NAGR is instrumental in preserving and advancing the gospel inspirational format. With its new board of directors and president, the NAGR is poised to continue its important work and make a positive impact on the industry.

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